Friday, 10 September 2010

Students Again

Mark Easton, the BBC's home editor, has written a wonderful blog post looking at the benefits or otherwise of student immigration into the UK. He shows yet more of this misreporting by government, in particular Mr Damian Green.

Mr. Easton concludes very sensibly that;

"Far from suggesting it had uncovered evidence of dodgy foreign students joining an army of illegal immigrants, the report says that the figures are exactly what you would expect from law-abiding people coming and paying to study in the UK. 
"The minister believes these levels are unsustainable, and will say that this will be looked at as a priority" the Home Office said today. What, precisely, is "unsustainable" about this situation"

1 comment:

  1. Bloody immigrants, comin over here, paying over the odds for education, doing beneficial research, making the University experiance all the better and then going back home to provide ever better goods and services for our global consuption at low cost.

    We didnt fight the nazis just so that dodgey forigners could come over here and go to our universities to work on the tanks, submarines, proximity fuses, planes, rockets or atomic bombs that would give us an edge over totalitarian regimes for 65 years and counting... if it was up to me we would close the boarders, defending them with longbows until we starved to death eating the dimiishing supply of rather bland food.