Monday, 27 September 2010

On yer Bike!

I have just started cycling in London. I had been taking short test journeys since I moved 2 months ago, but my commute will be starting in earnest from next week. It can be a bit hair-raising, though I am lucky enough to have a 2 mile route from my front door along part of the London Cycle Network, complete with off-road cycle paths and properly signed along quieter roads.

I will probably use this blog for a few cycling musings alongside my political musings, so to start I'll point you to a few points of cycling interest;

TFL Cycle Guides - these are free! They are horrible to read and it take a while to get your eye in, but who'd say no to a free map of London?
Brompton - makers of the rather expensive staple of professional commuters.
LondonCyclist - a blog, says it all really.
101 W*nkers - another cyclist lists the insults and comments from her cycles across the capital.
At War with the Motorist - a more general travel blog with a refreshingly skeptical viewpoint.
The Grauniad Bike Blog - is what it is.
CycleStreets - plan your journey here.

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