Sunday, 12 February 2012

S**t Cyclists Actually Say

In keeping with the "S**t .... say" meme there's a "S**t Cyclists Say" clip.

I have to own up to asking "What does this weigh?" quite a lot. (ed. And I don't even own a road bike, yet)

Even sillier are some answers cyclists have actually given to a Survey by Bicycling Magazine.
Definitely some tough questions (source, pdf).
With over 5000 respondents there are some wonderful answers:
  • 5% are motivated on difficult climbs by "the thought of [their] significant other getting angry at [their] tardiness."
    • A further 10% are motivated by BEER! (A "Beer Bike" would solve their problem)
  • Raleigh riders (of which I am one) are "most likely to want to ride with Orlando Bloom"
  • The worst style faux pas, according to female cyclists, are white shorts. Yup, just imagine this in white (NSFW)!
  • 58% of female cyclists would rather give up sex than cycling. It's 50/50 for the men.
  • And women prefer their men with shaved legs (makes you go faster, honest) ;)
  • And finally, an excuse for skipping work to take a ride: "I got chased by a boar." (Maybe it was just one of these guys.)
I'll leave you with this choice tip by Jesus Vega:
"Don’t forget to bring your front wheel."
This story was via treehugger, the survey results are here.

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