Sunday, 21 August 2011

Unsung Heroes

The BBC is running a short series on scientists at the moment. More Tribes of Science follows The Tribes of Science, looking at the variety of scientists hidden behind the labcoats and coloured liquids.

Among others the Scientists of the Diamond Light Source, an interest of mine, take the spotlight for one episode. I encourage you to listen to the series.

The past week's episode featured The Statisticians.

Statisticians are the unsung heroes of medical science. Dr. Ben Goldacre claims that good statistical meta-analyses (eg. Cochrane Reviews) can save "the lives of more people than you will ever meet", in this book. The WHO cares a lot about stats and reckons that stats save lives.

Statisticians deserve recognition for the work they do solving complex problems from publication bias to subject drop-out.

I will leave you with a clip from the BBC's The Joy of Stats. With thanks to Bioephemera.

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