Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Knowledge by Bike.

I was out and about in London all day yesterday, had a wander around Hyde Park and stuck my nose in the Sexual Nature Exhibit at the Natural History Museum. I urge you to make use of Britain's free public museums while you (still) can.

I was not on my bike, but I did see a lot of people about, especially in the park. One individual caught my eye on the road outside my house. The cyclist appeared lost, and was rearranging a map on a handlebar fixing. I asked him whether he was lost and he replied; "No mate, I'm doing The Knowledge."

Doing The Knowledge, by bike, what a great idea!

TfL states that:
"Almost all people who apply to become a licensed taxi driver and take the Knowledge of London exam use a scooter to help learn the runs."
But why not a bicycle.

There are mixed feelings towards cabbies by cyclists (see comments). But having cabbies who are truly cycle aware can only be a positive thing. Councils and cycle groups are already giving training to bus and HGV drivers. The next step is to widen this to more public sector contracted and licensed groups, especially those sharing lanes with cyclists.

There are also benefits for the learner themselves. Cycling is a cheaper, cleaner and safer mode than scooters or motorbikes. The learner will have better peripheral vision due to not wearing a helmet, and therefore be able to learn the locations better. And finally they will be fitter and happier people for it.

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  1. Agreed on the free museums. I'm in there at every possible chance to see the dinosaurs, not to mention into the British museum for what can only be called an unnecessarily huge collection of marble lions from different periods.